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Blogging from my phone

I do a lot on my phone now, and not a lot on the computer since the toddler learned that dance music videos come from there 🙂 I’m testing out this WordPress app on my android to see if it … Continue reading

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Robot Babies, Robots Evolve Altruism and Robot-riding Babies

So this is how the baby robot take-over begins: Patterns of Nonverbal Emotional Communication Between Infants and Mothers to Help Scientists Develop a Baby Robot That Learns “The babies teach the researchers how to program the robot, and in training the … Continue reading

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Video Links – Amazing Music Skills

I’ve been watching random videos online as usual, and have found a wealth of amazing musical talent lately! First up, some of the most amazing banjo-pickin’ I’ve ever seen, never mind that the kid is 8 years old! The Sleepy … Continue reading

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Logical Positivism, Science Video Links

I knew nothing about logical positivism until I saw this little clip. “The main thought behind logical positivism was the notion that all worthwhile knowledge is scientific knowledge.” It was really interesting to see what I would call stirrings of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Science and Music – Ode to the Brain by Symphony of Science

From the first Symphony of Science video I saw, I fell completely in love with the concept. John Boswell (user melodysheep on youtube) skillfully blends original compositions of music with spectacular imagery and auto-tuned quotes from some of the most … Continue reading

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Brain Computer Interface Science Breakthroughs; Where do I sign up for giant mech training?

While I am riveted to the news coming out of the Middle East and Wisconsin right now, I have to balance that with some less rage-inducing news and “Brain Computer Interface” (or  BCI) research is just what I need. I … Continue reading

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Robots develop emotions, and play on ours as well

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, someday soon we can all have robot companions to fulfill our emotional and companionship needs! Via ScienceDaily: Robots created that develop emotions in interaction with humans. “They are programmed to learn to adapt to the actions … Continue reading

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Gratefulness & 5 Videos that make me happy for different reasons

It’s been a tough week… lot’s of changes going on at home and in the family that are testing my ability to be a reasonable adult instead of a sad puddle of goo. I thought it would help to practice … Continue reading

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Some of what I’ve been watching

I have been super busy this Summer! Photo shoots, a week-long road trip, working on my car, and BAM some kind of stomach flu? Virus? I’m not sure, but whatever it was kind of kicked my ass for a week. I’ve decompressed and sifted through the mess, so more on that to come. Here are some videos that I’ve been watching for “research”… Continue reading

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Epic Street Corner Dance Battle in the Rain

I’ve seen some wicked moves, but this just blew my mind. I found it on The Daily What right after I found this there and it blew my freaking mind. Wicked slow mo used for various things breaking, exploding, or … Continue reading

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