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The Perfect Personalized Geek Gift (Order Now!)

So the Holiday season is upon us again and if you have friends like me, that means hours of agonizing over how you’ll find the perfect gift for the weird/original/geeky/nerdy/obsessive-compulsive/odd people you love in your life. Have no fear, your … Continue reading

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Striking Photography and Vintage lovelies; an Artistic friend with benefits!

I love finding new artists and crafters on Etsy lately… it’s extra special when it happens to be a friend! Charleen of Charleen Scott Imaging and Toolesque vintage has just listed a whole bunch of goodies I am drooling over right … Continue reading

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Beautiful Science and Music – Ode to the Brain by Symphony of Science

From the first Symphony of Science video I saw, I fell completely in love with the concept. John Boswell (user melodysheep on youtube) skillfully blends original compositions of music with spectacular imagery and auto-tuned quotes from some of the most … Continue reading

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Cool Neuroscience and Behavior News

I check Science Daily almost constantly, replacing my need for “news” in general with cool science breakthroughs and space and archeology and stuff. It’s a lot better for the mood than media-hype, I’ve found. This afternoon I found 5 new … Continue reading

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My New Photography Hero, Philippe Halsman

I love learning more about images I have seen but knew nothing about, and I have seen quite a few of Halsman’s photos without realizing it… and so have you! Amirite? According to Visual News (my new favorite website, by … Continue reading

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Links to Vintage Awesome-ness

So I was going to do a proper post, but I was just blown away by a few vintage blogs and flickr groups this morning! I saved a million links, high res pics and rare vintage photos… but I have … Continue reading

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Craft on hold for Life

Summer has been in full swing and I have been enjoying the hell out of it. Pictures have been taken, but I seem to be too busy to upload and organize them while it is nice outside. I’ve been experimenting … Continue reading

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Vintage Inspiration

I am starting to think in the crafting direction again and so I’m looking for the “next thing” to catch my attention. I think we’re definitely leaning in a vintage direction, Mucha has got me thinking Art Noveau… So definitely … Continue reading

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Faust (1926)

Watch it for the brilliant black and white cinematography, watch it for the amazing score. Or watch it because you occasionally worship the devil. Whatever, just put this classic in your head: That is all.

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Oh man. I am obsessed with creatures of the sea, ESPECIALLY squids and octopuses! Did you know they are honorary vertebrates in the U.K.? They are very intelligent and can change colors, sometimes glow. They can also be pretty brazen; … Continue reading

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