About Me

Self portrait with camera in mirror

Hi! My name is Michele and I am addicted to learning. I find many things curious and finding out more is the only “tonic” I know. Sometimes it is creature or some aspect of the natural world that intrigues me, sometimes it’s abandoned industrial sites and urban graffiti. I have no limits on where my mind wanders and I want to use this blog as a sort of captain’s log for my quirky quests for knowledge. I love to share information and discoveries and this is the perfect outlet!


Recurring themes: There’s a lot of new things I’m stumbling into all the time, but you will definitely see a lot of recurring themes on Odd Tonic:

Easy, tasty recipes that avoid my many allergens including gluten, soy, dairy, corn, honey and more. I refuse to sacrifice tastiness and flavor just because I can’t use “traditional” ingredients. I’m also kind of lazy when it comes to food (I’d rather be eating it) so my recipes have to pass the “ease of use” test, or I wouldn’t be using them! Of course, it has to be affordable as well so I can enjoy it all the time! I like to understand food from a chemistry perspective, so you might see juicy informational tidbits as well.

Science geekery, including science news in the areas of neuroscience, behavior, robotics, creativity, anthropology, health… well, most science actually.

Vintage art, music, style, costume, photography, burlesque, oh my! I love vintage style!

Cephalopods. They are cool as hell. Fish, jellyfish, butterflies and moths, birds, bats and other animals are pretty cool too!

Mushrooms. Fungus is a really cool kingdom, and if you don’t think so, I would like to educate you otherwise!

OK, well, nature in general is awesome. We have a lot to learn about this universe and I love expanding my knowledge of this miraculous structure of which I am an active participant!

Health and physical badassery. Parkour is really interesting to me, as well as yoga. Since we interact with the world with our physical form, I find it useful to take care of my body in the best ways I know how! Walking and hiking also allows me to go explore the places I love the most, the ocean beaches, the mountains, the forests, raw nature in all her beauty. This works really well with my passion for photography and art, as I find a lot of inspiration in the world.

Crafts and Art of all types, including but not limited to writing, photography, crochet, sewing, sculpture, design, papercraft, jewelry making, modeling, acting, costume design, music, video and cinematography. Re-purposing of materials and being creative with resources is a priority here.

My Art: Usually when I put enough information into my head, something creative comes from my hands. http://www.etsy.com/shop/OddTonic is home to the overflow from my imagination. My first items were the result of research into eco-friendly fashion, which led to paper beads; and another brief obsession with embroidery and recycled denim. I promise, more to come as funding allows!

Thank you for visiting, please come again!