Rain, Music and Solitude

Par for the course, the entire 10-day forcast is rain. Winter enters the home-stretch into a cold and rainy spring. I like the flowers but it’s damn cold out there today. I’m feeling particularly introverted, dark and stormy myself.

Country Death Song by Violent Femmes is also hitting the spot right about now:

Maybe an encounter I had today made me question myself and get defensive about the way I take care of my son. He’s small but he’s damn healthy and damn smart. The kid is climbing already and is getting a good vocabulary at not even 10 months. He get’s plenty of “real food” thank you, he could eat your toddler under the table. Arrrrrgh. I shouldn’t let it bother me so much. I found this interesting article today that sums it up:

Research Shows 50 Years of Motherhood Manuals Set Standards Too High for New Moms “More than 50 years on and experts still cannot agree on the best way to approach motherhood, and all this conflicting advice just leaves women feeling confused and disillusioned.”

I’m feelin’ it. I cure that with some alone-time with the laptop, the sketchbook and Coffee & Chocolate Biscotti hemp ice cream. MMmmmmm. I love this new TED talk and it’s inspiration to catch some me-time:

I love reading books and writing and sketching out ideas and tend to fall back to that when nothing else works. I feel more secure somehow knowing there are other people out there that crave solitude, like myself. Another good new TED talk, exploring the transcendent nature of tight knit groups or communities:

I’m gonna go lose myself in my thoughts before getting back to my artists’ community.

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