New Addictions and Ideas

Happy Valentine’s day! I am feeling super special as my site here just set a new record of hits per day. Thanks for the clicky love, people!

tea cup text heart

I feel almost as much love as I would if I were drinking jasmine tea out of this tea cup. Found via Pinterest

I have to say, it’s probably because I decided to show myself some love on Pinterest today and pin some of my stuff. I am super addicted to that site, and I feel at least a little vindicated that it’s not just a way for me to find other people’s cool stuff and drool nonstop on the laptop – it’s also a way for people to drool over some of my crafts and recipes! I put a lot of time into my crafts, recipes and photos and I am really happy to be received by fellow pinners!

some e cards

Look what I just found on Pinterest to sum up my Pinterest addiction...

I think because it’s so visual, my right brain just goes around and explodes over all the pretty shiny thingies that I must have (See the pretty mess here.) I really appreciate the ability to keep images and links together in one place and access and sort them visually and I know that will help immensely when writing blog posts.

recipes smoothies rainbow

Pretty, but also super useful for finding recipes and crafts! 20 Summer Smoothies from The Family Kitchen via Pinterest

Which brings me to my other new addiction, Twitter. If Pinterest is my visual overload, Twitter is my haiku-loving  wordsmith text overload. I tried to stay away but it’s just so damn easy to throw links and random musings out there! And they automatically update on my facebook page too, which was in need of some love. Totally addicted, see how I rationalized that?

twitter by berkozturk

"Twitter" by berkozturk from deviantart via Pinterest

To be fair, much of these two addictions are driven by my extreme lack of free time (or any time) lately. Which is caused by my most important addiction of all. An addiction harder to quit than any drug and constantly coming up with new ploys to get me to pay attention. An addiction so bad I can’t even get out of bed some mornings…

baby addiction

How can I resist this cute little face?!?!

Yup. Baby addiction. The literal monkey on my back. And arm. And leg. He is relentless about seeing, doing and tasting everything in sight. He’s 5 days away from being 9 months old and he’s already crawling, climbing and standing unsupported… I can count on having even less time to spend online, no matter how quick and easy it is! Seriously though, he’s a rad little dude and super fun to hang out with so that is why I’ve been lagging on posting here lately. He crawled over a dozen times already while typing this but is passed out now so I hope to actually finish writing.

done is better than perfect motivation

Pinterest is helping me with this post by finding me this little bit of inspiration

I’ve got a lot going on behind-the-scenes that I’d love to share with you as soon as I can! Mostly I’m excited about recent collaborations and meeting new people with strangely similar mindsets and goals. Social networking is really helpful for these types of working relationships, and I hope to see all of these addictions and collaborations grow! 😀

Repurposed vintage hardcover books fashioned into useful purses

Vintage Book Beaded handle Purse, Fate and the Butterfly, circa 1909 by BeeZbyScranton ... Her stuff is right up my alley and I hope to develop some beads for her purses! Check em out!

There are still a lot of kicks to be worked out, as usual, but I hope to be writing more actual posts soon. My sweetie has a new schedule that we’re all getting used to (Avery doesn’t understand why daddy can’t hang out some days) but as soon as we’re settled in, I’ll be getting a solid hour here and there SANS baby. I know, amazing right? A WHOLE HOUR?? What will I do with myself? Write, photograph, edit, crochet, sew, cut, roll and string beads, teach, learn, share and post.

Until then, I love you guys and thanks for checking out my shop! Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest for all the crazy awesome I don’t have time to write about yet!




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  1. oddtonic says:

    Kicks? Kinks. Whatever 😛

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