The Perfect Personalized Geek Gift (Order Now!)

So the Holiday season is upon us again and if you have friends like me, that means hours of agonizing over how you’ll find the perfect gift for the weird/original/geeky/nerdy/obsessive-compulsive/odd people you love in your life. Have no fear, your Odd Tonic is here!

*snicker* Sorry, that was way corny but I couldn’t help it. It’s true though, I can custom make word bead and music bead jewelry for any geek you can imagine. If you haven’t been there, check out my etsy store: or click the “Handmade gifts” page above. Some custom beads I’ve already done include: Words and phrases from a college graduate’s thesis paper that earned her Bachelor’s, including a particularly meaningful phrase from her studies as the centerpiece of the necklace, “In Hoc Signo Vinces” = “Under this sign, Conquer”

custom thesis bracelet and necklace geekery in hoc signo vinces

"Under this sign, conquer." I used left over beads from the "Thesis Necklace" to make this bracelet

She also requested a necklace for her artistic, eclectic grandmother, for whom she could not find a gift after weeks of searching. We chose one of grandma’s favorite tales “the Lady of the Lake” and a fuchsia ribbon. Both necklaces have magnetic clasps, making it easy to put on and take off. Helpful if you know someone with arthritis or a minimal tolerance for necklace clasps. Fun to play with as well!

custom order word bead necklace lady of the lake magnetic clasp

Close-up of the magnetic clasp on the "Lady of the Lake" necklace

I have also made a custom bracelet with a favorite quote, “Who so loves believes the impossible”. She didn’t know where the quote came from but after some research I found that it is commonly attributed to famous female poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I found PDFs of her 1880 edition of “Poetical Works” and used words from this antique print for the quote.  She also ordered a bracelet as a special gift to the bride from her maid of honor; I call it the Namaste bracelet. It says “Let the goodness in me honor the goodness in you. Namaste” The “Namaste” bead also has the Devanagari script for the word. The bride liked it so much, she ordered 10 more to be gifts for the whole wedding party!

custom order Devanagari namaste wedding party gift bracelets

A pile of "Namaste" bracelets complete with care and info tags

Hopefully you can see just how versatile this technique can be! Prices vary by order since each one is unique but custom bracelets will run about $10 each and necklaces around $25. Well worth it when you consider I’m making all of these by hand and tailoring it to suit your geekery needs! I think these make great birthday gifts and hard-to-beat Christmas/holiday gifts, but please – be sure to give me time to make them and ship them to you! 3-4 weeks would be good, or order by December 10th and I’ll get it to you before December 24th!

Visit my shop and click on “Custom Order” on the right
Or email me at (msteward777) at (

Also, be sure to “share” or “like” this post with friends and family to send them a hint! 😉

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2 Responses to The Perfect Personalized Geek Gift (Order Now!)

  1. kmaixner2 says:

    Wow! These aren’t geeky at all, priceless! Being a writer, I love anything that flaunts literature- it captures my heart! I absolutely love the idea of using ! Your bracelets made me think of a cool website I know of that matches artists and buyers from all over the world to create custom ordered gifts and goods.! If you’re looking for a good Holiday rush of orders, it’d be the place to look into 😀

    • oddtonic says:

      Awwwww thank you! I will check it out (seems to be in maintenance mode now). It was my love of books that gave me the idea, I had a stack of ripped up pages from an old biology text that I couldn’t bear to throw away 😀

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