Alive and Well

Well Hi there. What? It’s been 3 months already? It feels like one very long, sleepless, poopy day since my son was born. He is 2 1/2 months old! I feel bad for taking so long to post anything but oh well, I have a drooly, chubby little excuse now.

The worst part is, now that I have none of that “free time” stuff, I have 100 things I want to post about! I have been sharing links on my personal facebook page, usually with the intent of “keeping track of that cool link so I can write about it later” but later being content with passing it along to a few friends. I considered posting quick link-round ups on this blog but I feel like there are so many “daily” sites doing that -posting links with little original context- that I wouldn’t be doing anyone a favor. I feel the need to write something or present it with other relevant links, but I’m not finding the extra time and so nothing gets posted. So that’s the dilemma.

As for new recipes and projects… the mind is racing but the body is barely keeping up with the day-to-day chores! I have gotten my pancakes figured out, biscuits have been perfected and tortillas have been rolled. So there will be that at some point! And shop items are truly at the top of my goal list… now if only I could find it under all this laundry…

Our healthy baby boy, Avery 2 1/2 months

Sooner or later!

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One Response to Alive and Well

  1. Carla says:

    He’s soo cute!! And yes, babies will do that to ya! lol! Enjoy him while he’s young, it doesn’t last very long!!

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