Video Links – Amazing Music Skills

I’ve been watching random videos online as usual, and have found a wealth of amazing musical talent lately! First up, some of the most amazing banjo-pickin’ I’ve ever seen, never mind that the kid is 8 years old! The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are an amazing trio of bluegrass brothers and it’s well worth checking out their youtube channel.

Next… I really don’t know how to describe how amazing 16-year-old Chooka is on the piano. Here’s a clip from “Australia’s Got Talent” with a bit of backstory and improv from the self-taught farmer boy from the outback:

This video is Taiwan artist Shara Lin. She manages to pull off not just a duet, but a 3 part instrument piece all by herself. Talk about timing and skill!

And here we have a violinist playing along while dancing to DDR. And I thought just coordinating my legs was hard enough…

Links via BoingBoing and TDW, I believe… although it’s funny how the same videos pop up all over the internet. I’m glad I don’t claim to have any musical talent, because I would be constantly humbled by what I find random people from around the world performing. Instead, I just get to enjoy it!

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2 Responses to Video Links – Amazing Music Skills

  1. newton43 says:

    Amazing video collection. Heres another amazing video of Chooka Parker when he improvised a piece during his performance at the Sydney Opera House in May this year!! Please feel free to upload if you put proper copyright acknowledgement 🙂 ie

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