Logical Positivism, Science Video Links

I knew nothing about logical positivism until I saw this little clip. “The main thought behind logical positivism was the notion that all worthwhile knowledge is scientific knowledge.” It was really interesting to see what I would call stirrings of the scientific method:

I really enjoy what we’ve learned and applied from this simple idea. Science has hypothesized, tested, analyzed and implemented what amounts to miracles in so many of its diverse fields. (We can even understand complex ideas, like the seemingly “miraculous” workings of magnets. Excellent, simple explanation here: The Magnet Conundrum).

We can also measure the effect of the placebo effect, in essence the amount your brain can fool you. “Placebos that are blue are better downers.” Thus the need for being objective!

And I think this short TED talk on play dough circuits shows pretty clearly that we don’t need to wait long to teach science to kids… we just need to find more creative ways to go about it!

Also, play dough circuits look like a lot of fun and us “adults” will be testing this extensively 😉

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