Beautiful Science and Music – Ode to the Brain by Symphony of Science

From the first Symphony of Science video I saw, I fell completely in love with the concept. John Boswell (user melodysheep on youtube) skillfully blends original compositions of music with spectacular imagery and auto-tuned quotes from some of the most incredible and inspirational scientists of the last few decades. The newest one in the series, Ode to the Brain! came out today and I think it is my favorite so far! (But I’m going to listen to it about 50 more times to be sure…)


It’s hard to pin down exactly why I love these videos so much because I think the multimedia presentation adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Undoubtedly, the subject matter is important to me. Just the sheer knowledge, the fraction of what we know about the universe, is awe-inspiring when one grasps the beauty and complexity.

I think even more awe-inspiring is that we, as a tiny spec of what is, can even contemplate this in the first place! Our wrinkly little meat and electricity brains can actually hypothesize and test theories about the origin of the whole universe! WOW!

Now add to that some really great imagery, some is actual footage and some is generated with these intricate machines we’ve put together called computers. And, in the background, music that impacts and moves our emotions on a whole new level. Sound waves, notes played in certain frequencies and patterns that, alone, can have the capacity to make us happy, sad, inspired or moved to tears. Mere sounds!

And let’s not forget the brilliant minds of our species that translate and humanize our scientific understanding in truly artful ways… Carl Sagan being one of the best known examples of this, as well as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Oliver Saks and many, many more.

And we’re finding out more and adding to this amazing understanding of our existence through the lens of science every single day.

Wow… I am just so moved and inspired by this it seems so difficult to put it into words. Symphony of Science does justice to the wonder, passion and sheer love I have of science. It also makes it as easy for me to remember my favorite quotes as singing to my favorite songs! If you haven’t seen or heard any of these works before, I urge you to check out John’s videos and share them with as many people as you can, and support the project if you can:

Here’s a few more of my favorites; I’m going to put the whole playlist on repeat today!


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