Robots develop emotions, and play on ours as well

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, someday soon we can all have robot companions to fulfill our emotional and companionship needs!

Via ScienceDaily: Robots created that develop emotions in interaction with humans.

“They are programmed to learn to adapt to the actions and mood of their human caregivers, and to become particularly attached to an individual who interacts with the robot in a way that is particularly suited to its personality profile and learning needs.”

And a new TED talk on the rise of the personal robot. She really gets to the heart of the matter… once we stop being afraid of robots, we’ll see a lot more of them in our everyday lives. She also seems waaaay too gleeful at developing robots that manipulate our “cuteness weak spot”:

And I’m not even going to link to real dolls, which will benefit from these developments as well, I’m sure… Ah the inevitable rule 34, reminding us that there are no lower limits on the human creepiness scale.

It gives me pause for a moment, where I think “should we be moving forward on this robot thing this quickly? Or are we forgetting to consider the ramifications of creating this technology on a mass consumer scale?” but only for a moment until my scientific curiosity takes over. I want to see what happens!

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