Gratefulness & 5 Videos that make me happy for different reasons

It’s been a tough week… lot’s of changes going on at home and in the family that are testing my ability to be a reasonable adult instead of a sad puddle of goo. I thought it would help to practice some gratefulness, so here we are.

1. I’m really glad the baby is doing well, and becoming quite the kung-fu master! He seems to have his kick-punch combos down, and is great at sensing when I am lying down to rest! He likes dancing now that he can sense movement and seems to want me moving around more 🙂

2. I didn’t feel that great on my birthday, but I have a loving and thoughtful partner and loving and thoughtful friends and family who sent me tons of super birthday wishes! I am so thankful for each and every one of them and the time we have together! I also got a new hits-per-day record on the blog, finally passing “17” from waaaay back in April when I had just been posting for a month! Mostly, I like seeing my birthday holding the new record! I super glad people are finding and enjoying the gluten-free dairy-free brownie recipe too! (That reminds me, I have 2 left that I’m gonna eat right now!)

3. I have health insurance! Thanks to the little kung-fu master and the state of Oregon, I can go talk to a Doctor without wondering how we’re going to pay for food and bills, despite being unemployed. Also grateful for the food help, although health issues are still affecting my appetite. Hoping new supplements/advice will help with that… although “De-stress” has been the hardest advice to follow.

4. I’m not entirely broke. Thanks to doing what I love, I have been able to at least cover my bills this month. I had a great photo session (although no pics from the photographer yet) and lots of fun costume modeling at The Canvas in NW Portland that brings in a little bit of cash so I don’t feel like a bum asking my very sweet partner to pay my bills. Now if only I could earn my half of the rent with craft-making… That would be my employment dream come true!

5. And I’m also thankful that there are plenty of stupid, happy, sappy, funny and interesting things to take my mind off my worries thanks to modern technology. The internet might as well be my prozac. I have music to change the ambiance of the room and videos to broaden my world view and expand my mind. Also, I can’t forget the mindless lulz that make me literally laugh out loud; melting the tension in my gut with a big belly laugh. Without further ado, here are 5 videos that make me happy… #1 is a song that makes me smile and remember to “just breathe”:

#2 and 3 were posted by friends on facebook and I think they’re amazing. This one reminds me that the world outside keeps moving despite how I feel (and that line-art animation has the power to make me cry… it’s so beautiful)

And this one reminds me that I’m okay. Also, all the wonderful things to do in life when I’m not with my wonderful family and friends. I love poetry and art ❤

And #4 and 5 fall into the “Stupid Happy Lulz” category! Rock out!


How can I not be happy now?

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