My New Photography Hero, Philippe Halsman

I love learning more about images I have seen but knew nothing about, and I have seen quite a few of Halsman’s photos without realizing it… and so have you!

Iconic Albert Einstein Photo by Philippe Halsman, via

Amirite? According to Visual News (my new favorite website, by the way), this photo of Einstein was used on a 1966 postage stamp and a cover of Time in 1999. I’m sure I have seen this very image on countless posters and cards as well. This surreal photo of Salvador Dali that has recently been kicking around is also a photo of Halsman’s:

Yes, this is a photo! It was edited in the darkroom to remove some wires and such but still, pretty incredible for 1948! I highly recommend Paul Caridad’s post at Visual News for more photos and info on this spectacular photographer. Thankfully Halsman’s images are in the public domain, so I have tons of visual feasting ahead of me! I am really inspired by the vibrant energy and sense of freedom these still images convey. I hope that I can find a way to capture even a fraction of this in my own photography!

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