Links to Vintage Awesome-ness

So I was going to do a proper post, but I was just blown away by a few vintage blogs and flickr groups this morning! I saved a million links, high res pics and rare vintage photos… but I have to share!

This woman has a few awesome blogs I will be spending much time digging through, “Vintage Blog” was the first I stumbled on to:

Her blogs are in French and can be translated, but it’s mostly large-scale beautiful images so it’s not really necessary! She also runs (where you can find some incredible high res art), (drool), and …vintage illustrations and breath-taking photos with peacocks. This one caught my eye first:

WOW! Go ahead and check it out, I’ll be here 3 hours later when you get back…

I’m kind of getting out of order here, because my online meandering actually started with this post from Chronically Vintage: 10 Awesome Vintage related Flickr groups. Here is a picture from the “Vintage Pin-up” flickr group:

“Eye Candy” is right! Jessica, the blogger in question, has a great eye for vintage inspiration and her posts are charming. My “awesome blogs” link folder is really getting out of hand, but I keep finding great blogs to follow! This one post has vintage pin-up, vintage hair, vintage clothing, vintage illustration and more! Score!

It is great inspiration for me to learn some new hairstyles, pick up those vintage inspired crafts, and get back to doing my own vintage-inspired photo shoots:

From my "Burlesque Self-shoot," March 2010 - All rights reserved

I can’t wait to get some more photos with all this new inspiration in my head!



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One Response to Links to Vintage Awesome-ness

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi dear,

    Thank you very much for including Chronically Vintage in your lovely round-up of source of vintage inspiration. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed my post about ten stellar Flickr groups and hope that you’ll find much to love in future Chronically Vintage posts, too.

    Wishing you a splendid day & happy blogging all year long,

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