Ok, so it’s not Summer anymore…

Things have gotten SUPER busy for me in the last 5 months, road trip, market work, boat building, and then BAM… No work in November. No work in December either, although there was much looking and communicating in that respect. In the last week or so I have gone back to bead-making with a frenzy. I’ve taken pictures, so there should be an honest-to-goodness post soon! There is also more news, although I need proper pictures for that, I believe.

Oh! And a few really good recipes! Did I mention I’ve been cooking and baking like a madman? Tweaking recipes and trying new ingredients to get yummy dairy-free, gluten free etc etc all my other allergies, food. The brownies have been perfected, although I just saw a mint frosting today that I have to try on the brownies. There has also been goat cheese making!

So yeah, all that and more… soon..ish. 🙂

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