Some of what I’ve been watching

I have been super busy this Summer! Photo shoots, a week-long road trip, working on my car, and BAM some kind of stomach flu? Virus? I’m not sure, but whatever it was kind of kicked my ass for a week. I’ve decompressed and sifted through the mess, so more on that to come. Here are some videos that I’ve been watching for “research”…

Parkour! I’ve been so inspired to do this and it’s FUN! Here is a simple, repetitve workout for getting those muscles ready. (I can’t do all of the things in this video yet)

And here is a video of parkour skills being used in the 1930’s (the music is kinda cheesy but these guys are hardcore):

I don’t need to jump off of buildings or stairwells to get benefits from parkour training. My knees need a lot more conditioning before I can land those kind of jumps and my arm strength needs a lot more work to be able to climb walls and such. I want to be capable of doing what I need to move through the city (and the wilderness) more efficiently and effectively. If I get even a little better at climbing or tumbling, I’m cool with that. And I’m having so much fun just playing around so it doesn’t feel like a “workout”!

My other workout is also a blast…Hula!

I have been doing the hula workout off and on since my love of burlesque started, around 6 months ago. At first I was awkward and wonky looking trying to jerk my hips and legs around… Nothing like the graceful swaying rhythm I was looking at on the screen. But I want to be able to move like the hula girls and the sexy girls of burlesque, so I kept with it. I went to the easiest part of the workout, the beginning, and played it over and over and over again until I could finally move my feet and hips correctly and THEN worked on moving my arms at the same time. It’s more difficult than it sounds! (Ok, maybe not if you’re already “coordinated”)

Here is some vintage inspiration ❤ I love how someone hits the bass drum every time she does a pelvic thrust…

I think these are great because I know it will help me with my modeling, my acting (I’d love to do my own stunts!) and how I carry myself in the everyday. Next up… learning how to make my own costumes and do my hair and maybe (gasp!) make-up! Luckily there are a ton of resources on youtube and elsewhere in the internets, so I don’t have to wing it. I found this today and Kandee is silly, adorable and she knows her hair and make-up:

Of course, accessories haven’t left my mind for months… but I have less tangible progress there. Although I have quite a collection of feathers I’ve found while walking and I am learning mask-making with my wonderful boyfriend while he works on his commissioned mask piece. He’s so crafty!!! Speaking of, I will try to get pics of the process to share and to remind myself in the future!

Meanwhile, the sun is back and rain is threatening. Time to catch the last of the Summer.

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