Craft on hold for Life

Summer has been in full swing and I have been enjoying the hell out of it. Pictures have been taken, but I seem to be too busy to upload and organize them while it is nice outside. I’ve been experimenting with sheet-toga-sarong tying (pics soon, including the waterfall in the background). It’s working, but I am trying to devise a simpler and lighter garment that ties more quickly. My starting point for the pattern is a simple sarong-dress tie:

I have chopsticks holding up my hair, too.

With the sarong behind the back, take the corner in the right hand over the left shoulder and the left to the right. Tie the corners behind the neck and it’s an effective dress. The long dimension should be horizontal. Common sarongs are like 4′ x 6′, but any rectangle of cloth would work. I want to try “shaping” the rectangle so I can get more of a toga look, maybe have some ties that go around the middle or anything that will make it more secure with less fabric. This picture is from a shoot in mid-June that I haven’t even sorted through yet!

Oh well, plenty of rainy season for all that.

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