Vintage Inspiration

I am starting to think in the crafting direction again and so I’m looking for the “next thing” to catch my attention. I think we’re definitely leaning in a vintage direction, Mucha has got me thinking Art Noveau…

Image via allposters, Click the pic for's gallery

So definitely flow-y, sheer fabrics and flowers. Hmmm, I do have a lot of pictures of flowers now…

I love the look of the old fence in this one.

I would love to have some classic, beautiful dresses and wraps this summer, or even just accessories. I love this Vintage Edwardian Bridesmaid’s Dress from Ok I love a lot about this style. Time to get crafting!

How hard would it be to make something like this? Beautiful.

I stumbled across this flow-y simple scarf from Hope Studios earlier, and this fits the bill. I’m also playing around with a toga/sarong wrap idea to satisfy my craving for long, voluminous folds of light fabric… Yum!

Click on the link above for this ridiculously easy project from Hope Studios

I’m also thinking flowers, feathers, natural stones and crystals and butterflies somehow worked into hair accessories, fascinators and pins. I guess I want to make myself a wardrobe for Art Noveau style photos this Summer (if it ever gets here). Here is a fun, feathered design from Topsy Turvy Design:

This would also fit right in with my love of vintage pin-ups and burlesque. At $63 though, I’m gonna have to figure out how to make my own!

One of my many flower pictures.

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