Music as Medicine and Art as Life

Oh man. What is it about this time of year makes it prime for suicide and depression?  Apparently, the Guardian wonders about that too:

According to Thompson, the seasonal changes that bring most of us out of winter apathy may work against those who are coming out of severe depression. “It is a harsh irony that the partial remission which most depression sufferers experience in the spring often provides the boost of energy required for executing a suicide plan,” he says. “Spring is a time for new beginnings and new life, yet the juxtaposition between a literally blooming world and the barren inner life of the clinically depressed is often too much for them to bear.”

The winter was a bummer, but yeah… the Spring is kicking my ass. At least I’m not alone? It’s a grim consolation. Luckily, I have music and art for medicine. Here is a great TED talk with an incredible violin performance at the end :

I’m listening to music now, coloring random shapes in my sketchbook, playing dress up, drinking coffee and trying to remember that I feel good about my life. How could I forget that? Well… let’s just call it bad head chemistry. Waking up from hibernation and feeling like I’ve lost the race. Only, there is no race and I haven’t lost anything really. In fact, there’s some really cool stuff I’ve been finding lately!

AHHHHH Tool. One of the best cures for depression I know.

And finally… A way to use sheer panic to your advantage and how we are ultimately the stories we tell ourselves from Hollywood/Bollywood director Shekhar Kapur:

Maybe that’s why I wanted to start a blog in the first place… to be more conscious of the story I’m telling myself. I’m the one living this thing! I just need to direct my mood a little more … maybe I pretend I’m the star in my own movie and have a cheery director behind the camera reminding me of all the things I have to feel good about in each scene. Sure, there’s some violence, intrigue and drama once in a while… But I’m pretty sure this movie has a happy ending.

I’m gonna go ponder the genre of my life-movie now, what type of movie would your life be? And what would be the soundtrack? Do you have superpowers?

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