Science, Inspiration and Crochet

I often find inspiration in odd places. Here is a great example: I came across this short video about human development and evolutionary history with a great CG model of coiled up DNA (it’s at 3:00 in the video). And the first thing that pops into my head is “I wonder which stitch I would need to crochet that out of yarn.. or fishing line? Is it knotted? Is it twisted? What colors could I make it? How big could I make it? What would it look like hanging from the ceiling?” This reminds me of crocheting hyperbolic planes:

As well as a knitted anatomical brain:

Thanks for sending the link, April!

I’ll let all those things kick around in my head for a while and set my scanners to fiber, crochet and hyperbolic planes. Sooner or later I will come across the perfect thread, or find a pattern for a scarf or something that has almost the right shape, or I’ll have one of those “Eureka!” moments and make the damn thing one night. And that is how things like Squiddy come to be.

Freehand Crochet Anatomical Squid by Michele Steward
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